LIST: 9 Powerful Muscle Supplements – Get Strong Like A BEAR

Did you know that a grizzly bear can lift a weight that’s almost one time its body weight? Also, all types of bears possess amazing power and strength. So, it’s no wonder why people want to get strong like a bear. It turns out that with the help of certain supplements, they can achieve this goal.

From carrying heavy carcasses and moving rocks to removing logs – all these things can be performed by bears without any problems. Of course, you probably want to get strong for a different reason, but you can use these animals as role models. For an impressive strength and power, you have to include suitable supplements to your workout routine. There are dozens of products like this on the market, but we’ve made a list of the best ones.

  • Get more information on the best muscle supplements
  • Find out how these products work
  • Learn more about their effects

So, are you ready to start roaring? Do you want to be strong? Feel the energy, power, and strength in your muscles with some of these products!

1. Creatine – building strong muscles

Type: Organic compound
Price: Low to high
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Get more energy, boost muscle endurance, build muscle mass
Effectiveness: Medium to high

Let’s be clear – you can’t visit a supplement store (be it online or physical store) that doesn’t have at least one creatine-based product. This is by far, one of the most popular products of this kind. If your focus is to build muscles, and get strong you have to include this natural acid to your plan. Numerous studies have shown that creatine helps people build muscle mass. In other words, it makes the muscle grow fast. No ordinary diet can help you achieve this goal in such a short period.

Keep in mind that the human body creates creatine naturally, but the amounts are relatively low. This amount is affected by the process of aging too. Just like the bear needs berries and honey for energy, your muscles need creatine. The good thing is that manufacturers have made creatine available in a few different forms including liquid, powder, and pills. Any of these forms will help you get more energy for the muscles and boost their endurance. Follow the instructions to avoid any side effects.

  • Creatine is a natural acid that’s great for people who want to become strong
  • It should be used as instructed to avoid side effects
  • Creatine helps people build muscle mass and improve endurance

2. Protein – crucial for muscle building

Type: Protein
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Neutral
Effects: Muscle tissue repair, muscle growth
Effectiveness: Medium to high

Think of proteins as building blocks. The muscle-building process would not be possible without protein. Bodybuilders and athletes usually take protein after their workout sessions. The reason is simple – protein supplements are good not just for growing muscles, but also for repairing tissues located in these areas. A strenuous workout can definitely wear out these tissues and with protein, you can get and stay strong without these problems.

You can find different forms of protein on the market – whey, soy, egg, etc. Most people prefer whey protein. This is a high-quality form of protein that’s easy to absorb and digest. Users can take it in the form of shakes, powders, and pills. Most people take shakes. In any case, you can expect to build fresh muscle mass. The only downside associated with premium whey protein is the price, but the results make this product worth it.

  • Protein is crucial for building new muscle mass
  • Whey protein is one of the best options you have if you want to get strong
  • This product can be costly

3. PWO – pre-workout products are equally important as post-workout supplements

Type: A variety of products
Price: Low to high
Effects: Muscle growth, muscle recovery, energizes the body
Effectiveness: Low to high

The strength of the bear comes from its diet. If it gets the right foods, it will have the energy and power to overcome any obstacle. Humans have PWO. PWO is a term that’s used for pre-workout supplements. By selecting the best PWO products for powerful muscles, you will be able to improve your athletic performance. To put it simply, you’ll get the most from your workout regime and this obviously means that you will be strong too.

Bars, powders, liquids, capsules, tablets – these are some of the forms in which you can find these products. Remember that PWO is not made from one specific ingredient. We are talking about a mix of ingredients that have proven to be helpful for this purpose. Some of these ingredients include creatine, caffeine, DMAA, beta-alanine, etc. Most of them are focused on providing better muscle endurance and energy. Some of them can also help users feel more focused and alert. Just like in the case of other products of this kind, PWO can lead to side effects. However, if you check the label and find out how to use them properly, these side effects should be avoided.

  • PWO includes a variety of pre-workout supplements that are good if you want to become strong
  • They usually provide better muscle endurance
  • They can also provide energy, alertness, and focus

4. Nitric oxide – improves blood circulation to promote strength

Type: Gas
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Neutral
Effects: Muscle recovery, muscle mass gain, improved blood circulation
Effectiveness: Medium to high

Nitric oxide is produced naturally by the human body. It has a positive effect on many processes that are going on in our bodies. For instance, the cells in the body can communicate thanks to this gas. Nitric oxide is vital for blood circulation. This makes it popular among bodybuilders because when the blood circulation is optimized, muscles can get more nutrients which eventually helps them get bigger muscles. Needless to say, it’s good for anyone who wants to feel strong.

We should also point out that this oxide also soothes the pain linked to strenuous exercises. So, with the best supplements of this kind, you will promote muscle recovery and ease the tension in your muscles. If everything goes well, you should be able to gain a muscle mass that won’t go away quickly. Unlike many other products of this type, nitric oxide has not been associated with serious side effects. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should take as much of this product as you want. Take it as instructed and you will get strong without feeling any negative effects.

  • Nitric oxide is very important for proper blood circulation
  • It optimizes the distribution of nutrients to the muscles
  • These supplements support muscle recovery and ease tension

5.  DMAA – multiple benefits for the body

Type: Protein
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Neutral
Effects: Energy, fat burning
Effectiveness: Medium to high

DMAA, also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, represents an amphetamine derivative. We are talking about one of the most effective supplements for those who want to become as strong as possible. Consider it as a product that equals honey when it comes to bears. A bear needs some honey to get carbs that are transformed into energy. DMAA, on the other hand, provides more than just energy.

DMAA is used by bodybuilders, weight lifters, students, and other categories of people. First of all, it provides mental clarity and makes people stay focused for a long time. It also helps you burn fat, which is quite important for most people. When people use it as a muscle supplement, they expect to get a burst of energy that can help them perform better at the gym. Additionally, DMAA can help people lose unwanted fat and tone their muscles. While it’s true that this product is banned from many sporting events, taking it for non-sporting activities and in the recommended amounts is perfectly safe and legal.

  • DMAA stands for 1, 3-dimethylamylamine
  • This product is used by bodybuilders, weight lifters, students and anyone who wants to be strong
  • It provides focus, alertness, energy and burns fat

6. Beta-alanine – work those muscles and get strong

Type: Amino acid
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Increases physical strength, fat burning, improved athletic performance, reducing muscle fatigue
Effectiveness: Low to medium

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that’s produced naturally in the human body. By taking beta-alanine supplements, one can increase the levels of carnosine in the muscles. What does this mean? Well, when the level of carnosine in the blood is high, it helps the body burn fat. As a result of that, you can expect better performance and a boosted anaerobic threshold. So, people take beta-alanine hoping that they will eventually improve their physical strength in general by strengthening their muscles. Strong muscles can help people regulate weight too.

The list of benefits of using beta-alanine doesn’t end here. This product can also help you increase the levels of collagen and nucleic acids. That will lead to improved wound healing which makes beta-alanine a good post-workout supplement too. A few limited studies have shown that this amino acid can help active people increase muscle mass and lower fatigue. All in all, it’s a highly effective product that’s worth trying.

  • Beta-alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid
  • This is also a supplement that can help you burn fat
  • Beta-alanine increases muscle mass and fights fatigue

7. Taurine – an amino acid that’s getting more and more popular

Type: Amino acid
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Prevents muscle fatigue, protection against oxidative stress, energy
Effectiveness: Medium to high

If you have ever consumed an energy drink, it’s very likely that you have tried taurine, an amino acid that’s present in many of these drinks. What’s interesting is that some of these drinks have a bear in their logos as a sign of strength and energy. The good news is that you can take taurine in the form of a supplement too. This supplement has already helped hundreds of people become strong or stronger than before.

Researchers were able to link taurine with better athletic performance. Thanks to it, the muscle can work longer and harder because they contract faster without causing pain. It can also help you eliminate toxins that cause muscle burn and fatigue. You can also expect better protection from oxidative stress and cell damage. Taurine provides multiple benefits to your muscles and it also helps people decrease muscle damage, boost fat burning, and reduce fatigue.

  • Taurine is another important amino acid
  • It’s found in many energy drinks
  • It affects muscles in a few different ways

8. ZMA – a dose of essential minerals for your muscles

Type: Mix of minerals and vitamins
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Testosterone booster, reduces muscle fatigue
Effectiveness: Medium

ZMA is an abbreviation for zinc magnesium aspartate. Experienced bodybuilders, athletes, and passionate fitness fans are probably familiar with this supplement. There are actually three ingredients found in it – zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. It contains more than 100 of the Reference Daily Intake of each of these nutrients. It’s just like when a bear finds a beehive loaded with honey. A well-fed bear is a strong bear.

Most people use ZMA to boost athletic performance and gain muscle mass. What’s interesting about ZMA is that it works indirectly. Namely, it’s primarily used to prevent magnesium and zinc deficiency. When the levels of these two essential minerals are low, the production of testosterone is affected negatively. Without a proper amount of this hormone, you can’t expect to gain muscle mass. We should also highlight the fact that magnesium and zinc can reduce muscle fatigue. That’s great if you are planning to get involved in vigorous training sessions to strengthen your muscles.

  • ZMA is a mix of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 which are great if your goal is to become strong
  • It’s great for athletic performance especially for reducing muscle fatigue and boosting testosterone levels
  • Some people use it for weight loss

9. HMB – a powerful metabolite

Type: Metabolite
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Strong
Effects: Improves aerobic workout performance, boosts muscle size, power, and strength
Effectiveness: Medium to high

HMB is the name of one of the best muscle supplements that can make you strong like a bear. Its original name is beta-Hydroxy beta-methyl butyric acid. It represents a metabolite of leucine which is an amino acid. To get the best results from taking this supplement, you should follow a suitable exercise routine. According to some experts, it takes just three grams of this supplement to boost muscle size, power, and strength. It also helps people get lean body mass and prevent muscle damage.

What makes HMB special is the fact that it can improve the results of aerobic exercise. So, if you are involved in aerobic fitness (but, also in HIIT), you can expect better results. This is a perfectly legal supplement used by hundreds of athletes around the world. When taken in small doses (recommended 3 grams per day), this product doesn’t create any side effects. Keep in mind that some manufacturers have suggested that taking HMB regularly for up to six weeks can help you get up to one kilo of muscle mass. Of course, you should also exercise regularly if you want to stay strong.

  • HMB is the metabolite of a common amino acid – leucine
  • It’s used by many professional athletes around the globe
  • You should take three grams of HMB per day for up to six weeks to get a chance to gain up to one kilo of muscle mass (combined with regular exercises)
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