How to Get Skinny Legs & Thigh – 6 Best Ways

People come in all shapes and sizes. Some are heavier on the top while some are heavier on the bottom. If you want to get skinny legs and thighs, this guide is for you. In this article, we’re going to talk about:

  • How to exercise to lose weight in your legs and thighs
  • How to dress to make your bottom half look slimmer
  • What you can do to drop your BMI so you get skinny legs and thighs

Ready to start trimming the fat from your thighs? Read this guide and get started now!

1. Fat burning supplements

Have you ever looked at the rows upon rows of fat burning supplements in the stores and wondered if they could help? Could a little pill or tablet really help you get skinny legs or reduce your BMI? Well, good news. You can get skinny thighs with the help of weight loss supplements.

You should always talk to your doctor before you start taking supplements, as they may counter   the medications you’re already taking. But if you’re serious about getting skinny thighs, consider a fat burner. Fat burners can help boost your metabolism and assist you in losing weight.

You can take any type of  fat burning supplement you like, provided it won’t  interfere with your current health concerns. There is a wide range of active ingredients to choose from, from garcinia cambogia to caffeine, so pick the one you like the best, clear it with your doctor, and get skinny thighs and skinny legs more easily with fat burning supplements.

  • Fat burning supplements may help you get skinny legs and thighs
  • Check with your doctor before you begin taking a supplement as some may interfere with your medications
  • There’s a huge number of supplements on the market – pick one that works and stick with it for skinny legs

2. Fat blockers

In the same way that fat burning supplements may help you lose weight, fat blockers can, too. Fat blockers are supplements that can help you get skinny thighs by blocking the fats from the foods you eat from being absorbed into your body.

This doesn’t mean that you can go crazy and eat fast food every day. But with a healthy diet and a fair amount of exercise, fat blockers can help you get skinny legs more easily; the fats from the foods you eat won’t be as readily absorbed into your body and will simply pass through your system.

As with fat burners, there are many fat blockers on the market. Look at the main ingredients as well as the “inactive” ones and talk to your doctor. Then, pick a fat blocker that works with your unique needs and your diet.

  • Fat blockers block fats from the foods you eat from being absorbed into your body
  • You’ll need to eat a healthy diet – don’t rely on these as miracle pills
  • With a healthy diet and exercise you can lower your BMI and get skinny legs and thighs with a fat blocker.

3. Exercise, please!

You knew it was coming. It’s going to be nearly impossible to get skinny thighs and skinny legs without appropriate exercise. But the good news is that you don’t have to limit your exercise to workouts that focus on your legs.

It’s impossible to “target” your weight loss… it just can’t be done. Some people think that there are diets that will “shrink belly fat” or “trim fat from your thighs” but it’s just not true. All exercise is good exercise and will help you lower your BMI and reduce fat across your whole body.

What that means for you is that you can get out there and walk, run, skip, hop or jump and you’ll be on your way to skinny thighs and legs. Any exercise you participate in is going to help you lower your BMI. It’s also going to help you tone your legs and get the look you want.

Of course, there are a few exercises you can do that will target the muscles in your legs. That means that when you do begin to lose weight, the muscles in your thighs and even your calves will look lean and toned. All the better when you want skinny legs and thighs!

  • You’re going to have to do some exercise if you want skinny legs and thighs
  • You don’t have to target your legs if you want your thighs and legs to look thinner
  • All exercise is good exercise – you can lose weight in your legs even if you’re not targeting them

4. Dress for success – and for skinny thighs

Let’s face it – some clothes just weren’t made for fat thighs. You probably own a pair of pants that just do not slim you down, or a skirt that makes you look wider than you really are. Donate those clothes to your local charity and go shopping for clothes that will give you skinny thighs.

Choose fabrics that drape around your legs – women, you’ll love the look of a palazzo pant – or a full skirt to slim the look of your legs. Men, don’t be afraid to get a pair of “skinny jeans” – these pants were designed to make your legs look thinner. They’ll make your backside look great, too!

Black is always slimming, and a longer shoe will also make you look like you have skinny legs. If you have any questions about how to make it look like you have skinny legs and thighs while you drop your BMI, go visit a tailor! These professionals are trained to make you look your best – they won’t steer you wrong!

  • The way you dress will impact the look of your legs and thighs
  • You can have skinny legs and thighs almost instantly if you shop for the right clothes
  • If you have questions, a tailor can help you choose the right looks for your body type

5. Eat the right foods

You already know this. Deep in your heart, you know that the foods you’re eating probably aren’t helping you get skinny legs and thighs. They’re not helping you lower your BMI either. So, it’s time to make a change.

Rather than grabbing your standby foods, it’s time to plan your meals to include healthier options for your body. Lean meats, vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains are a great place to start. Stay away from the fast foods you rely on in a pinch and start planning your meals for the week.

Go grocery shopping weekly, not daily. And stay clear of those impulse buys that could get you into trouble. Grocery store marketers are tricksters – they’ll put the cheap and unhealthy foods front and center. So when you go to the market hungry, you’re going to grab those chips or brownies.

You can talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about the foods you should and should not eat to lower your BMI. As you lose weight and as you exercise, your healthy diet will further help to give you the skinny legs and skinny thighs you’ve been wanting.

  • A healthy diet is imperative for you if you want skinny legs and thighs
  • If you have questions about what you should be eating, talk to your doctor or a nutritionist
  • You’re not going to have skinny legs if you keep on munching on fries, so shop for the right foods once per week

6. Reduce your calories

Even if you don’t decide you want to eat whole foods and fresh produce – (we still think you should) – you can lose weight in your legs simply by reducing your caloric intake. You won’t lose weight unless you consume fewer calories than you expend, so it’s time you begin reducing the number of calories you consume.

Keep a food diary and track the number of calories you’re eating each day. Don’t forget the calories you’re drinking, either! A large cappuccino from that global coffee shop contains 150 calories – guys and gals, those calories do count.

Write it all down. From the pretzel sticks you snacked on to the forkful of mac n cheese you grabbed from your daughter’s plate, it all needs to be counted. After a while, you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll automatically register that a large hard boiled egg has 71 calories or that three ounces of chicken has 128 calories. But in the meantime, you’ll want to notate it all and ensure that every calorie is being tracked.

Talk to your doctor, a personal trainer or a nutritionist to determine your optimal daily caloric intake.

  • All those calories count, whether they’re part of a meal or just snacks you sneak
  • Write them all down and ensure your daily intake is what it should be
  • You’ll get skinny legs and skinny thighs – and lower your BMI – by keeping  close track of what you’re eating


In the same way that you’re not going to lose weight overnight, you’re also not going to have skinny thighs or legs overnight. That said, you can certainly make great strides by using supplements, exercising, controlling what you eat and even dressing right! Your legs can look great while you lower your BMI. Just follow these simple steps and you can look like you have thin, lean legs while you lose weight.

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