LIST: 9 Most Powerful PWO To Boost The Monster Inside You

It turns out that we all have a monster inside us! We are talking about a powerful and strong monster that leads to awe in people around us whenever we activate it, especially before our workout sessions. To boost that monster, we all need PWO supplements.

PWO stands for pre-workout and we all know what supplements are. With their help, fitness enthusiasts like you can improve the results of their workout sessions and get the energy to complete any kind of exercise. Taking them makes you as strong as Hulk and without them, you will be like Bruce Banner. Imagine both of them in front of a bench. Who do you want to be? Of course, not all of these products are the same and that’s why we have created this guide that analyzes the most powerful PWO supplements.

  • Learn more about the best pre-workout products
  • Find out how you will get energy
  • Discover the content and effects of these products

Are you ready to become strong like King Kong? Or maybe you want to feel the power of Godzilla? Keep reading this guide to the best PWO supplements.

1. Caffeine – boost your energy

Type: Natural stimulant
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Provides energy boosts, improves endurance, makes people more focused
Effectiveness: Medium

We are not sure whether a monster like Kraken drinks coffee, but scientists have confirmed that caffeine can make people strong and energetic. Caffeine is one of the supplements that have been used for this purpose for many years. You can find it not just in products like this, but also in coffee, tea, and other drinks and foods. The good thing about it is that it acts in a few ways and they all make you feel strong.

For example, this PWO product can help your body release energy fast. That’s great for a wide range of exercises including HIIT training. But, this doesn’t mean that caffeine is good only for short-term activities because it improves endurance too. The only potential downside is the side effects. This is the reason why you should take caffeine only as instructed and cut the dose if you feel problems like dizziness, tremors, and sweating.

  • Caffeine is a very popular product of this kind
  • It’s found in many foods and beverages too
  • It helps people get power fast and helps them with endurance

2. Citrulline – unleash the power

Type: Amino acid
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Improves blood circulation, supports muscle recovery, prevents fatigue
Effectiveness: Low to medium

Have you heard about citrulline? This is an amino acid that the human body creates naturally. But, if you want to be strong thanks to citrulline, you have to use dietary supplements based on this compound. Many professional athletes are taking citrulline to improve the results of their fitness routines.

With the help of this amino acid, one can improve blood circulation. In other words, you can increase the distribution of nutrients and oxygen making it easier for your muscles to grow and recover. Interestingly, many individuals who are involved in weight training are focused on this product because it has helped them with muscle tenderness and recovery. Of course, it can make their muscles strong too. Experts suggest taking doses of up to 10 grams.

  • Citrulline is an amino acid
  • To increase its presence in the body, take pills based on this compound
  • It’s good for blood circulation which ultimately means better muscle contraction and recovery

3. BCAAs – amino acids that will release the inner beast

Type: Amino acid
Price: Low to high
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Supports muscle growth, prevents/reduces fatigue, supports muscle recovery
Effectiveness: Medium

We all know that ordinary people don’t stand a chance against The Predator. But, if you try some of the supplements like BCAAs before going to a gym, you might be able to compare to this monster. BCAAs are another type of popular PWO products. They are branched-chain amino acids that include valine, isoleucine, and leucine. While it’s true that you can get them naturally through food, it’s also true that you have to eat a lot of animal products to achieve that goal.

BCAA supplements are great for those who want to aid muscle growth and get strong muscles. They are also good for improving endurance which is important if you are involved in long-lasting training sessions. Additionally, some researchers have suggested that you can prevent fatigue with this product. At the same time, you can support muscle recovery. All in all, this is a good option for people who want to get strong fast.

  • BCAAs are a group of amino acids
  • They can be found in animal products and many popular supplements
  • They are PWO products used for muscle growth and recovery

4. Creatine – get strong fast

Type: Organic compound
Price: Low to high
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Boosts energy in muscle cells, makes you stronger, increases muscle mass
Effectiveness: Medium to high

Do you know how the werewolf becomes strong in a matter of seconds? Well, creatine might not help you achieve this fitness goal in seconds, but it’s still quite effective. Just like many other products on this PWO list, creatine is present in the body naturally. Yet, most people prefer supplements because the level of creatine in people tends to go down with aging. Workout performance, strength, and muscle mass – this is what this PWO supplement can help you with.

There’s a good reason why so many bodybuilders are taking creatine and it’s not just because it makes them feel strong. Studies have shown that those involved in weight training can gain up to 10% more muscle mass when they take creatine. This interesting product boosts the energy in muscle cells allowing fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders to get better results and work harder. In case you want to get strong and boost the monster inside you, creatine should be on your list of best products.

  • Creatine is one of the most popular PWO supplements
  • It’s a molecule that gives you strength and energy
  • This is a safe product when taken responsibly

5. Sodium bicarbonate – it’s not just for cleaning

Type: Chemical compound
Price: Low
Taste: Salty
Effects: Supports muscle recovery, promotes endurance
Effectiveness: Medium

Yes, we can agree that it’s unusual to find sodium bicarbonate on this list, but there’s more than one reason for that. Namely, if you want to get strong and you are looking for PWO supplements to achieve this goal, you can count on this popular household product. What’s great about sodium bicarbonate, or simply – baking soda, is that it prevents the accumulation of acid in the muscles.

After an intense workout session, your muscles will become strong, but they also might start feeling sore due to acid buildup. When there’s sodium bicarbonate involved in the system, these problems will be minimized. So, in a way, this product supports recovery and allows people to exercise longer without problems. Don’t forget that this is a very cheap supplement. It’s a safe product, but people who are very sensitive to salt should try a different PWO product.

  • Sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is a household product and a PWO product
  • It’s good for preventing muscle soreness and burn
  • Baking soda is a cheap supplement

6. Nitrate – activate your nitro engines

Type: Natural chemical compound
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Salty
Effects: Improves blood circulation, prevents fatigue and tiredness
Effectiveness: Low to medium

There are times when we simply need a boost of energy to perform better during workout sessions. Or maybe we don’t feel as strong as before for some reason. This is where nitrate comes into play. It’s another powerful PWO supplement that can help you get strong and powerful. It’s one of the supplements that can help you start “biting” like the famous movie monster from Jaws. Nitrate is a compound that’s present in veggies like beetroot, turnips, and spinach. The reason why experts suggest taking this product is the fact that it can be transformed into nitric oxide in the body and improve blood circulation.

We have already mentioned how important blood circulation is for workouts. This PWO product will help you provide more nutrients and oxygen to all cells including muscle cells. In other words, you will optimize the work of your muscles allowing them to contract in the best possible way. If you take nitrate before exercise, you can prevent early exhaustion and as well know, that extra repetition or mile can mean a lot for those who want to be strong.

  • Nitrate can transform itself into nitric oxide in the body
  • This is good for the blood flow and distribution of nutrients and oxygen to the cells
  • Use it to improve your athletic performance

7. Beta-alanine – yet another helpful amino acid

Type: Amino acid
Price: Low to medium
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Prevents accumulation of acid and enhances fitness performance
Effectiveness: Low to medium

Many of the PWO supplements highlighted here belong to the amino acid family. Beta-alanine is another example of that. Thanks to beta-alanine, people can prevent or reduce muscle fatigue. Of course, you will still feel muscle fatigue if you are involved in strenuous exercises, but the effects will be minimized. Just like in the case of sodium bicarbonate, you will get a chance to prevent the accumulation of acid in the body.

Initial studies have shown that beta-alanine can also enhance fitness performance. But, remember that this boost can be felt only during short-term exercises. In other words, you can’t expect positive effects for long-lasting exercises that will make you very strong.

  • Beta-alanine is a popular supplement based on the amino acid
  • It works primarily by preventing acid buildup in the muscles
  • It can provide energy boosts too

8. Tyrosine – an instant energy boost

Type: Amino acid
Price: Low to high
Taste: Bitter
Effects: Reduces fatigue, improves endurance, enhances fitness performance
Effectiveness: Medium to high

A supplement that can lift you up like any monster in the famous movie – Pacific Rim. Of course, you can expect to become strong with tyrosine’s help too. We’ve added this amino acid to this list because it was proven that it boosts energy, but it also has a positive effect on mental clarity and mood. Some studies have suggested that it can help people burn fat too.

The human body relies on tyrosine whenever it creates some of the most valuable neurotransmitters and hormones including norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. When some of these substances are present in high amounts, people can reduce fatigue. To put it simply, tyrosine supplements should be able to help you enhance fitness performance and endurance and make you feel strong. You should take this PWO product right before your training session. Some say that up to three grams are more than enough.

  • Tyrosine is safe and legal
  • It reduces fatigue and improves mood
  • You should take tyrosine right before your training session

9. Green tea extract for focus and power

Type: Extract
Price: Low to high
Taste: Neutral
Effects: Boosts energy, supports weight loss
Effectiveness: Medium

Green tea extract is often recommended as a weight loss product, but it can help people who want to become strong too. This is one of the PWO supplements that are true energy boosters. They contain active ingredients like catechins that regulate the levels of norepinephrine – a hormone associated with energy. So, they are ideal for those who want to become strong.

Additionally, green tea extract has a decent amount of caffeine, which as we have already mentioned is good for boosting energy too. The good news is that green tea extract lacks the side effects that are often associated with caffeine. For the best results, people should take this supplement around one hour before their training sessions.

  • Green tea extract is good for energy and weight loss
  • It contains catechins
  • It has fewer side effects than caffeine although it contains a certain amount of caffeine too
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